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Burma cyclone death toll hits 15000 dead in the first 24 hours of the storm

Burma cyclone death toll hits 15000 dead in the first 24 hours of the storm

By NOM Staff

12 September 2017

Heavy rains caused heavy flooding and landslides across the Tibetan Plateau in parts of Vietnam today, as well as the southern part of the province of Hebei, where winds have hit 10km/h and uprooted trees. Heavy rain also hit the capital, Hanoi, where the toll of 15,000 people has been confirmed.

A total of 1,850 buildings and 2,400 vehicles have been damaged and 3,200 persons injured, said a report issued today by the National Emergency Department of Hanoi. The National Disaster Operations Center issued a statement on Wednesday saying that the worst damage appeared to be to the country’s rural areas, such as the Hengchang and Wulai provinces. However, the extent and duration of the damage is not clear.

On Tuesday, authorities declared a state of emergency and issued emergency relief orders, including evacuation instructions, to about 150,000 people, including 3,500 officials and 2,400 farmers, and to nearly 12,000 buildings in the city of Hanoi, located about 2,400 km southeast of Hanoi. As of Wednesday morning, many areas remained under the affected state of emergency, including the capital Hanoi, which lies about 5 kilometers from the coast, as the storms affected the countryside heavily.

The storm left a trail of damaging debris in many parts of the province of Hebei.

The typhoon was believed to have caused at least $60 billion in damage to Vietn더킹 카지노am’s infrastructure, according to a report issued today by the World Bank. It also claimed that some 9,700 dead and 11,200 injured people had been directly affected by the storm, including 1,100 people per square kilometer.

The storm had caused thousands of buildings to be seriously damaged and killed at XO 카지노least 3,400 people with at least 16,400 injuries, according to the World Bank’s Disaster Assistance Team for Vietnam. The storm came in the form of an upper-level system, which is caused by heavy downdrafts on the upper slopes of mountain peaks, which cause thunderstorms.

Vietn창원출장안마am’s National Emergency Office announced that at least 9 people were missing and two others unaccounted for after the storm hit the city of Hanoi.