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Ombudsman urged to intervene in waterfront land row

Ombudsman urged to intervene in waterfront land row

A judge says she and others are shocked about recent reports about a row over waterfront land.

The Ombudsman says it is “shocked” she has to respond to reports involving five residential buildings and two multi-unit houses.

A former business executive told The Advertiser in June last year that she found the six-bedroom two-storey house near the old Lonsdale River Portage ferry stop “very unpleasant” in her private parking lot near a popular area of the area.

Karen Smith was one of several people in her parking lot who had complained, claiming that the owner of the houses was too strict about parking in his cars.

He allegedly locked his rear gate to prevent them from using it after complaints about the parking there.

The former business executive said the property, worth $11.4 million to the builder, went into foreclosure two years ago. She said she did not know how the owner was able to afford the property, which has a roof and a garden.

Smith said she and others were shocked when an anonymous email came forward last summer suggesting there may be “a bigger problem than we could have imagined.”

“We’ve seen r진주출장샵eports of issues with the property including the parking issues, and the building’s current condition, according to property records, and all that is being left are some rough patches to fill in,” she said.

The Ombudsman says she has been working closely with the landowner to address the reports. She says the issue needs a proper investigation by the land owner, so she can determine who to talk to.

“They have the responsibility and they need to put in place their plans and take that into consideration,” said the Ombudsman.

“The most basic of planning is that when you have a property, you should consider all the possible factors.”

As part of her investigation, the Ombudsman has examined the issue more closely, and her preliminary findings suggest there may be more than five residential buildings involved.

The Ombudsman said she has not received any complaints from 최고의 퀄리티neighbouring residential buildings, as well as multiple other people who lived in the residential units d바카라uring the six-year period the alleged abuse occurred.

This case is still under investigation.

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