Global tributes to jacko one year on from his incredible defeat at the hands of siren

Global tributes to jacko one year on from his incredible defeat at the hands of siren. he fought for the cause, fighting for the best for the future and ultimately did not lose the fight. as such i’m going to dedicate this tumblr blog to the guy.


the following will be posted daily and for at least one month from the moment the event is live (so be sure to check your email for notification, it’s important).

the event details

first and foremost this tumblr blog will be about the experience of having jacko out on your lap with his huge titties and amazing tits. as such we need your help. I will be posting pictures from my point of view as well as some of the best moments of jacko as a result. for all the pics that you wish to share with the world, I will post all the one year tributes and stories of jacko and his a가평출장안마mazing titties. please get in touch with me if you have an idea or would like a particular photo to share with the world. if nothing comes up as a possible subject, please let me know so i can consider it. and of course, of course, i will add any video of the event!

this blog will not be made for “what I’ll write once joker was done with you” because it is far from that, for jacko and himself. jacko’s biggest love is his fans, for this is why there will always be those moments of his when he finds a way to cheer them up or make them feel like they’ve achieved something by his side. I want him to realise that even though he doesn’t have the fame, the fame is still there and that will only be realised once the time comes that they are truly ready. a few special thank you’s:

1) for making a tumblr blog, i think it is great that you would like to spread the word and give an idea on what will happen with the tumblr blog. thank you for taking the time to do it! and also thanks 슬롯 사이트to jimmyb for inspiring to create this blog.

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